Ripple Effect

Because Of The War is a historical novel set in England.

The horrific bombing of London by the Germans at the beginning of WW II destroyed many lives. Veronica adopted her sister’s illegitimate daughter Susie; her mother presumed killed by a bomb.

Veronica and her husband Richard adopted the child, but never revealed her heritage to her. Postwar, the family attempted to create a normal life but the ripple effect of the wartime losses, shellshock, secrets and rejection almost destroyed the tenuous family bonds.

Who Am I? I grew up in England. Passion for wildlife drew me to Biology. Concern for people with addictions and trauma of all kinds drew me to Psychology.

My novel is written with an English voice although I have lived in Canada and now Florida.

When I am not writing or reading, I dig in my garden and play mahjongg. I live with my husband Charlie and Katie, a miniature schnauzer.

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Jenny Ferns – Writer

Writing is a personal and creative experience. Plots and personalities emerge as I write. Some of myself and some of my experiences, real, or vicarious, seem to show up on the page.

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