Got A Hook For The Heart Of The Matter With Your First Page?

Heart Of The Matter,

Have you got a great hook for your first page?

What is a hook? What is The Heart of the Matter?

The first page is important to hook the reader to continue to read and turn the pages. There must be something that entices a reader to be curious and to think and feel deeply, to get an indication of the depth of the journey of curiosity and emotional connection to the protagonist and the dilemma presented right on the first page.

The Eagles’ ‘The Heart Of The Matter’ was about deep emotions; love, loss, forgiveness. So your reader must feel that the journey to the heart of the matter of your book will be a powerful experience, the whole way through. It starts with the first page.

My first attempts did not have a hook to get the reader to carry on turning pages. My writers’ group made that painfully obvious with my first attempts. They helped me feel better when they told me that it’s normal to take a long time to get it right. I have written and rewritten and agonized over my first page. I am not alone in that process.

Some thoughts to create a hook.
*The main character is immediately present.
*Action is already happening in a setting that is interesting.
*Some challenge reveals the hidden goals, desires, needs or fears.
*Dialogue brings action alive.
*No backstory.
*Some indication of plot goal.

Then the reader will continue to read, and the others too!

Resource for writing: ‘Writing The Heart of Your Story’ by C.S. Larkin

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