A childrens’ fairy story is next!

I wrote a children’s fairy story for a change! It was fun to fly into the world of fantasy. but surprise! It was work too. I didn’t have to do research for facts and figures. A relief! The work was in getting the writing to be accessible to children 6-8 or 9 . I wrote a childrens’ fairy story as a chapter book with some illustrations. I had a friend who drew awesome black-and-white drawings for the book. It has a strong girl character, even though a princess. She is probably a bit like Alice in Wonderland as she enters a magical kingdom of bees, flower-fairies and dragons. She proves that she can be as brave as any boy and flies through the air on unicorns. Fun. See the book cover. ‘Princess Rose and the Wildwoods:The Prave Princess.’ Soon to be published on Amazon.

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