Growing Pains of a Writer. Are you a writer? Or a wannabe writer?

Jenny's Cup Of Tea As She Writes her books. Jenny Ferns Writer.

1. Thinking is the start. Not doing the shopping to do list. I do my best thinking — that is creative thinking when –
a) I drink my tea in bed in the morning. It is a quiet time. No interruptions. My thoughts wander.
b) I dream, and remember what I dreamed—fast before I forget.
c) walking my dog and she is collecting pee-mails.
d) weeding or pruning my garden.

2. Write my thoughts fast—by hand in a notebook. It is amazing what happens when one thought leads to the next.

3. Just start to write anything that comes, by the seat of my pants. That gets the juice going. Then change and think some more. Change again. Throw it away and start again! Eventually the writing on page looks good and it feels right.

4. Next time. Plan it out a bit first before letting thoughts flow. Channeling the process a little helps. The writing comes out more formed and hey, it’s much better.

5. Throw away my ego. Show my scratchings to another writer or a group of writers. The feedback that comes is good, bad and ugly, but that helps. Tears don’t help. I learned not to take anything personally. This is just help to get the writing better. It does get better.

check out my progress: click Jenny Ferns Writer

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