How To Start Writing A Novel?

How to start writing a Novel. Jenny Ferns Writer

Are you beginning to think about writing? Maybe you are already writing.

When I first started I wrote by the seat of my pants. I had a rough idea of the characters and a rough idea what I wanted to say and a rough idea of how it would end and not much else.
I just vomited it down. I liked the process but it kept changing on me! Then I got confused and fed up.

Then I read a few books to learn how to actually think it out. Fancy that? Learning how to write? I thought I knew what I was doing. Definitely not! I read two books that really helped. Feeling like a Dummy I read, ‘Writing fiction for Dummies’, by Randy Ingermanson and Peter Economy.

That was a kick in the pants.

Then I started again and I read, ‘How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method’, by Randy Ingermanson. That made all the difference. I took a lot of time to develop the characters, and plan the plot. Then I let the juices flow with much less writing by the seat of my pants, though some of that did happen.

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