Meet My Lovely In-house Editor Helps Authors Look Good

I am in love with my friendly, in-house editor. It is possible to edit painlessly at home.

A piece of writing I labored over was perfect. I thought everyone would love it. Right?
That’s what I thought when I first joined a writers’ group. Wrong! My ego got a little bruised. The piece needed extensive editing.

Because I loved reading, it didn’t mean I knew everything about writing. English grammar from high school was a dim memory. I had forgotten the rules.

Fortunately, the ten or more people in my critique group gently refreshed my memory about good writing. The edits came back. Red marks all over! Horrors!

Then I found Autocrit.
I managed to transform my writing before the group got their eyes on the work. That was much better.
Autocrit is a friendly in-house computer program manuscript editor.

It was easy. I copied and pasted a piece of my writing into the editor. Then it told me about passive/active errors, overuse of adverbs, overuse of dialogue tags, overuse of cliches. It gave me a score, and as I made changes, I watched my work improve, and the score got higher. Yes!

I refreshed my memory and rewrites became a part of learning. I was grateful. My writing improved. I could even recognize editing errors in others. I made progress.

I did the edits. Autocrit editor told me what to correct. So I learned and edited writing errors at the same time.
It might even save me hiring a human editor. It does it so well.

Every writer and author would benefit from such a friendly in-house editor.
Want to give it a try? Try Autocrit editor

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