Princess Rose And The Wildwoods a childrens’ chapter book

Princess Rose and The Wildwoods is a chapter book. Meet the magical creatures in The Wildwoods. Princess Rose and her dog Sammy live in the Castle of Adorable. Princess Rose is a strong girl and hates not being able to be a knight, because she is a girl. The princes don’t think she is brave enough. She is determined to prove she is brave. She is  warned that there is bad magic in the Wildwoods. By accident, she steps into the Mystic Marsh.  By good magic she finds herself shrunk to be the size of butterflies in the Wildwoods. There she meets Prince Billy-Bee, Flower-Fairies, a Yellow Jacket army and unicorns. She flies through the sky and spies on a battle with dragons.  She leaves the Wildwoods with news about good magic. She proves she is very brave.

Now on Amazon. Paperback and ebook.


Illustrations by Carolee Owen.

See sequel: Princess Rose : Magic and Medicine.

A fun chapter book ages 6-9 Readers will also learn about the importance of bees.


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