Reader’s Favorite Review of Ripple Effect: Because Of The War. A World War II Family Trauma Novel

Reviewed by Trudi LoPreto for Readers’ Favorite

Veronica is a hardworking, serious young woman when “Ripple Effect: Because Of The War ” by Jenny Ferns opens. Her sister Rachel is not as responsible but instead is always looking for a good time and running to Veronica whenever she finds herself in trouble. Richard is the young soldier that wins Veronica’s heart and quickly becomes her husband. As the war heats up and battles become fierce, Richard is send to Africa. Rachel finds herself pregnant and Veronica is the strong one keeping everyone together. As the London bombings get worse and worse, Veronica moves to the country and, because they are evacuating all of the children, Rachel sends Susie to live with her aunt. Rachel is killed in one of the bombings, leaving baby Susie motherless, but, adopted as a toddler by Veronica, she soon forgets Rachel and her past. Richard fights many battles and sees many awful things but finally the war is over and they all are trying to put their lives back together. 

Ripple Effect: Because Of The War by Jenny Ferns takes the reader through an English family’s life during World War II. I really felt as though I were part of the family and felt all of their joys, pains and sorrows. Ripple Effect portrays the horrors that families had to endure, the effects on the soldiers fighting against Hitler and the Germans, and so much more. Troubles plague each of the characters and each must fight their own demons. Jenny Ferns expertly wrote a story of historical fiction that I found impossible to put down. Ripple Effect is a five star winner. Perfect for fans of war time novels, historical romance, drama and realistic fiction.

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