‘Ripple Effect: Because Of The War’ at London Book Fair!

‘Ripple Effect: Because Of The War’ is at London Book Fair in April. Readers Magnet is promoting it. Maybe some producers or agents might be interested in it. It could easily be made into a TV or film series as it spans several years: before, during and after WW2 in interesting locations in England and Wales, and of course great strong female characters.
The horrific bombing of London by the Germans at the beginning of WW II destroyed many lives. Veronica adopted her sister’s illegitimate daughter Susie; her mother presumed killed by a bomb. Veronica and her husband Richard adopted the child, but never revealed her heritage to her. Postwar, the family attempted to create a normal life but the ripple effect of the wartime losses, shellshock (PTSD), secrets and rejection almost destroyed the tenuous family bonds.
Readers Favorites Review:
Ripple Effect: Because Of The War by Jenny Ferns takes the reader through an English family’s life during World War II. I really felt as though I were part of the family and felt all of their joys, pains and sorrows. Ripple Effect portrays the horrors that families had to endure, the effects on the soldiers fighting against Hitler and the Germans, and so much more. Troubles plague each of the characters and each must fight their own demons. Jenny Ferns expertly wrote a story of historical fiction that I found impossible to put down. Ripple Effect is a five star winner. Perfect for fans of war time novels, historical romance, drama and realistic fiction.
Available at Amazon. Ebook, paperback hardcover and audiobook. https://amzn.to/2N06WLw

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