I took painful writing steps. Where are you in your growth as a writer?

 Steps to become a writer.
            To become a writer and an author can be a painful process. It also can be a joy once the writing growing pains are overcome.
Baby steps. My first foray into writing something personal came in the form of a memoir. Somehow, I stumbled along, dusting off vague memories of sentence construction and use of tenses. Someone edited it. Goodness, gracious – what were all those red marks? It was not good. I rethought what to write about and how to do it.

Student steps. I realized I had a lot to learn. I began to read, learn, listen. I went to conferences.  I exposed my tender attempts to a critique group. More red marks. But I began to get the hang of it, and my writing improved.
My creation, coming from inside my heart and soul, when born, was tender and still unformed. At first, any criticism hurt. My skin was thin. I even felt a bit rebellious, like a teenager. I thought, ‘this is my writing. How dare they? I’ll do it my way.’ Of course, that was immature thinking. I eventually developed a thicker skin and listened and applied other people’s suggestions – most of the time! The writing grew and changed.

The Mature path. I structured my work and my writing. ‘Plotting and pantsing.’
Plotting. I started fresh and plotted out the whole project from scratch, beginning to end.
Pantsing. With a chapter in mind, I wrote free hand, by the seat of my pants, as thoughts flowed. Then I began the serious writing once the thoughts had been formed. Then a strange thing happens. The thoughts begin to take shape and fly. Some say its ‘being in the zone.’ Nothing matters except what flows onto the paper. It becomes art.

Then reality sets in. The flight of fancy ends and finds feet on the ground.

After writing a document for a few hours, I let it sit for a day, and edit the next day, before starting a new piece. Editing became a process to allow the piece to evolve and grow stronger.
I began to write like a pro. I began to write like an artist. A novel was born.


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Want Instant Editing For Every Word You Write? Try Grammarly.

Who hates editing? I do. It takes away the fun of writing a big document, book or paper. But it has to be done.

I found a painless way to get editing done immediately. Or almost immediately.

It’s a computer editing ap called Grammarly. Once installed in the computer it catches every little slip of spelling and punctuation as I write.

It’s awesome. I write fast and not that accurately – at first. You know how writers write – get it down fast- before the inspiration disappears, and there are lots of slips.

The hard way to get edited can be painful. I belong to a writing critique group. Before Grammarly, I got good praise and encouragement, (thank goodness), but also a lot of red editing marks on my document. Horrors.

Then I had to rewrite and edit all the grammatical and spelling errors. Of course, I couldn’t remember some of my high school grammar classes. That was a long time ago.

Once I started to use Grammarly with it’s fine attention to detail, my documents got so much better with fewer editing errors.

The great thing about Grammarly is that it edits everything I write on my computer, my manuscript, blog posts, emails, Facebook posts. It’s painless!

It’s not just for authors. It’s for anyone who uses a computer to write anything that needs editing.

Give it a try.  click:   Grammarly Ap

See my writing  progress: Jenny Ferns Writer

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Writers’ League Of The Villages, Book and Author Expo

The Writers’ League Of The Villages – WLOV – is hosting the Central Florida Book and Author Expo.

Are you and avid reader? Want your children or grandchildren to love reading? Come to The Book and Author Expo.  Over 40 authors will showcase their books for purchase. Many different genres are available: books for children, fiction, romance, mystery, thriller, business, sports, historical fiction, non-fiction.

Meet the many talented authors in Central Florida, get to know them and get a book signed.

Tell everyone about this exciting, fun event. Something for everyone, young or old.  Prizes too!

Save The Date: January 28, 2017, 9.00am to 3.00pm
Place: The Eisenhower Recreation Center, The Villages, Florida.

Are you a writer?  Explore what The Writers’ League of The Villages has to offer writers. It is the ‘umbrella’ organization that supports and encourages writers who live in The Villages. Whether you are a newbie writer or established, this organization is for everyone. WLOV

Have you ever visited the amazing Eisenhower Rec Center? Its is worth a trip if you have never been.  It is a museum with memorabilia from the military donated by veterans. Very moving.

See the video about the Central Florida Book and Author Expo:

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