Jenny Ferns Interview with Florida Writers Association and Sample Chapter about WWII

I was interviewed about my book: “Ripple Effect: Because Of The War.”  Logline: An independent woman raised her dead sister’s child during WW II in England. Postwar, the ripple effect of wartime losses, wounds of the soul, secrets, and lies almost destroy her.

My brother’s story of his life in WWII England became the seed for my story. He said in his own words, “there must have been a lot of smoke and mirrors that obscured the truth.” The truth was murky about being adopted as a toddler by his aunt during the war. His biological mother, presumed killed by a bomb in the Blitz of London, turned up when he was eighteen.

I lived for twenty-two years in England after the war. The ripple effect of the war on my life, my brother’s life, and many in the military returning home, continued and continues years later. I wrote about this in a fictional story. The effects include alcoholism, family violence, a secret adoption, and secret affairs. The shame and secrets of the trauma of war affected the minds of combatants and non-combatants who often silently suffered with PTSD. I wrote about the effect on every member of a family.

I hope the story will resonate with others impacted by other wars even if the time and place differs.

Read the whole interview here and a link to one of the chapters.

The paperback and ebook is availble on Amazon:

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OMG! First Prize for historical fiction at Royal Palm Awards

I won first prize for historical fiction at the Royal Palm Awards in October. My novel, Ripple Effect – because of the war is unpublished at the moment.
Amazed me!

The historical fiction novel is a saga of a family that suffers, over many years, from the ripple effect of war on their everyday lives.

Summary of Ripple Effect
WW2 touched and damaged many lives in England. Veronica adopted baby Susie because her mother was presumed killed in the Blitz. Richard, Veronica’s handsome RAF husband, developed shellshock (now known as PTSD) and became an alcoholic. Susie grew up influenced emotionally and physically by Richard’s behavior. Veronica held the secret of Susie’s origins and secret adoption, which when revealed, almost destroyed the family.

This is historical fiction set in the long shadow of WW2. It is also a women’s fiction genre. Women with families impacted by PTSD, alcoholism and drug addiction will find it resonates with them, now. I write that there is hope for recovery for everyone in the family. This is my experience as a psychologist. Healing is possible.

Thanks go to my critique group and my editor, Marsha Butler. They helped me every step of the way. I couldn’t have achieved this without unbiased critiques. Every writer needs this feedback. The Florida Writers Association is a great support for all writers.

In the meantime, I am writing a sequel.

So maybe an agent and publisher will be interested?

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